Sunday Sep 16

Festival Day & Literary Market

Borough Hall, Brooklyn

Saturday Sep 15

Children’s Day

MetroTech Commons, Brooklyn

September 10 - 17

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Olivier Py

Author, director, and actor Olivier Py studied at the National Superior School of Theatre Arts and Techniques and the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art Paris. His first play, Oranges and Nails, starring Didier Lafaye, was produced in 1988, the same year he founded his own company. In 1995, he made a big splash at the Festival d’Avignon when he performed The Servant, an endless story on a 24-hour cycle. In 1998, Py was appointed as the director of the Orléans National Drama Centre. From 2007 to 2011 he was the head of the Théâtre National de l’Odéon. He was appointed as the director of the Festival d’Avignon in September 2013.