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Nuruddin Farah

Nuruddin Farah was born in Baidoa, in what is now Somalia and grew up in Kallafo, under Ethiopian rule in the Ogaden. His first novel, From a Crooked Rib achieved worldwide cult status but also earned him the enmity of the then-dictator of Somalia. Nuruddin Farah’s main work is divided into trilogies, the first, “Variations on the Theme of African Dictatorship” focuses on the family unit as a refuge and antithesis to the threats of dictatorship. The second trilogy, “Blood in the Sun” largely came into being during the turmoil of the Somali civil war, and takes the orphan as the central metaphor for the increasing distance to his country of origin. Farah’s third trilogy was “The Collapse”. Hiding in Plain Sight was published by Riverhead in the same year Farah received the SALA Lifetime Achievement Award 2014. Farah is currently working on a new novel, North of Dawn.

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