Sunday Sep 22

Festival Day & Literary Market

Borough Hall, Brooklyn

Saturday Sep 21

Children’s Day

MetroTech Commons, Brooklyn

September 16 - 23

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Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang is an entrepreneur and author running for President as a Democrat in 2020. In 2011 he founded Venture for America, a national entrepreneurship fellowship, and spent the last 6 years helping to create more than 2,500 jobs in cities like Cleveland, Detroit, and Pittsburgh. When Andrew realized that new technologies like artificial intelligence and automation threatened to eliminate one-third of all American jobs, he knew the nation needed a leader with a vision for our radically different future. In The War on Normal People, he explains the mounting crisis and makes the case for a Universal Basic Income: $1,000 a month for every American adult, no strings attached, one of the central pillars of his policy platform.

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